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Point Of Sale Materials


POSM stands for Point of Sale Materials

POSM are all the Point of Sale marketing materials used to sell and showcase your products or services. What are types of POS Materials are there? We can categorize them depending on its Position, its Purpose or the Materials used.



Where are you going to place your POS Material?

Background PLV Positioning.png
Sketch of a Floor Stand

Expositor de Suelo

Expositor de Suelo

Expositores de Suelo

Sketch of Shelf with Products



Table Top Displays Sketch

Expositor de

Expositor de Sobremesa

Depending on where you want to position your POS Material, we can categorize the materials as floor stands, counter or table top displays and shelf materials.

Floorstand Displays

A floor stand, also known as a floor display or floor fixture, is a structure designed to showcase products on the floor of a store or exhibition. These displays are especially useful for highlighting products and promotions in high-traffic areas, helping to increase visibility and sales.

Some examples of floor stands, all designed and manufactured by Euromon PLV, are the following:

Counter Top Displays

A counter top display, also referred to as a tabletop display or counter stand, is a compact fixture used to exhibit products on a counter or tabletop surface within a store or exhibition. These displays are strategically positioned at checkout areas or other high-traffic locations to capture the attention of customers and promote impulse purchases.

Some examples of countertop displays by Euromon PLV, are the following:

Shelf Marketing Tools

Shelf marketing tools are essential components of retail strategy, designed to enhance product visibility and sales on store shelves. These tools include shelf talkers, shelf wobblers, and shelf banners, among others. They are strategically placed near products to attract the attention of shoppers, provide information about the product's features or promotions, and ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

In short, the strategic choice of point-of-sale (POS) positioning - whether through shelf practices that maximize shelf visibility, floorstands that capture attention at floor level or countertop displays designed to make the most of counter space - plays a crucial role in the impact and effectiveness of product promotion. 

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What is your POS Material made of? There's three main categories.

Permanent Displays

If your POS Material is made of Metal, Plastic, Wood or its derivates, we can classify it as a Permanent Display. 

Planchas de Metal


Muestras de Plástico


Tablones de Madera


Los expositores permanentes son esenciales para la estrategia de presentación y venta de productos, ofreciendo una solución duradera que organiza y destaca la mercancía de manera efectiva. A diferencia de los expositores temporales, están diseñados para ser una parte integral del espacio comercial, mejorando la experiencia de compra con su estructura robusta adecuada para diversos productos.

La inversión en expositores permanentes beneficia la durabilidad y estética del mobiliario, además de fortalecer la imagen de marca mediante una presentación consistente y profesional. Su diseño personalizado se adapta a las necesidades específicas del negocio, potenciando la estrategia de merchandising y mejorando significativamente la experiencia de compra del cliente.

Temporary Displays

If your POS Material is made of a material that doesn't last long, such as cardboard, we can classify it as a Temporal Display.