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Cookies policy

This cookie policy describes how EUROMON EXPOSITORES S.L.U. uses cookies and similar technologies on its website. By accessing this website, you accept our cookie policy in its entirety.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit our website. Cookies allow us to recognize your device and remember information about your visit, such as your preferences and usage statistics.

How does EUROMON EXPOSITORES S.L.U. use cookies?

EUROMON EXPOSITORES S.L.U. uses cookies to improve the functionality of the website and to personalize your experience. We use cookies to remember your preferences, such as your preferred language, and to provide you with personalized advertisements. We also use cookies to collect information about how you use our website, including the pages you visit and how much time you spend on our site.

EUROMON EXPOSITORES S.L.U. uses the following categories of cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for our website to function properly and to provide the services you have requested.

Performance Cookies: These cookies help us improve our website by collecting information about how you use it. For example, these cookies tell us which pages are the most popular and how much time users spend on our website.

Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow us to remember your preferences and personalize your experience on our website. For example, these cookies allow us to remember your preferred language.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies allow us to show you personalized advertisements based on your browsing behaviour. We also use these cookies to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

How can you control cookies?

You can control cookies in your browser. Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies or accept only some of them.

However, if you disable cookies, some parts of our website may not function properly.

If you have any questions about our cookie policy, you can contact us through our website.

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