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¿What are POS Displays?

POS Displays

POS displays are materials designed to effectively present products or information in various settings, such as stores, exhibitions, and events. They are crucial in marketing, as they enhance visibility and attract customer attention to featured products.

There are different types of POS displays: floor display, countertop display, linear display, lighted display, among others.

Gregory POS Display made out of wood and metal displaying bags
Expositor de suelo de Gregory que combina metal y madera y expone mochilas.

Floor Display

The Floor display, also known as a floor stand, is a POS material that supports itself on the floor.


It is designed to present the product at an appropriate height, ensuring it is effective and attractive to customers. Its structure can handle larger items or a greater quantity of merchandise, making this type of display a versatile option for store aisles to exhibition floors.

Countertop Display

A Countertop display is small, lightweight, and eye-catching, designed to be placed on counters to highlight specific products.


It is essential for achieving effective sales results, as when used correctly, items have a greater impact on consumers. This type of display ensures that products are within easy reach and at eye level, increasing their appeal.

Countertop POS Display of Ascale TAU, displaying ceramic tiles.
Sesderma Linear Display made out of metal

Linear Display

A Linear POS Display is essential for highlighting a specific product within your store. This type of display unit plays with height, shape, or color with the goal of effective promotion, commonly seen in discounted products, new items, or to strengthen a brand or special promotion.

Lighted Display

An illuminated display can refer to a display that incorporates lighting to enhance visibility or attractiveness, such as those with internal lighting that highlight products on display.


Alternatively, it can also include signage or branding elements like the one in the image, which are mounted on walls and primarily serve as promotional or brand recognition tools. These displays use lighting to catch the eye and leave a memorable impression of the brand, combining both aesthetic appeal and functional visibility.

Neon LED Wall Display with the words Color Artist by Schwarzkopf Professional

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